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CPD Cornerstone: CPD Environment

CPD Cornerstone: CPD Environment

Authors: Eric D. Peterson, EdM, CHCP, FACEHP, Senior Director, Education & Quality, American Academy of PAs
Charles E. Willis, MBA, Principal, Clinical Outcomes Improvement

What's in it for you!

  • How this module can help move your CPD career forward
  • What is CPD, and how does it connect to CE and CME?

What's in it for me (the learner)?

  • Connect the dots on why accredited CE/CME is so important to each of the health care professionals whose education you design and deliver, and how these credit systems underpin the CPD landscape.
  • Planning to grow in your CPD career? See where each of the major health care professions originate - from education and training, to licensure and specialty certification - deepening your understanding of each.
  • Applying for Joint Accreditation? Discover how the advent of interprofessional continuing education made Joint Accreditation possible, building on the concepts of continuing professional development.
  • Stay on the right side of the law! Learn about the principal federal legislation that affects the CE/CME enterprise, as well as the federal agencies responsible for implementation and oversight. 


CPD Cornerstone: Environment
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